Services and History:


Joseph R. Hewgley & Associates Inc. is an architectural firm with offices in North Platte and Scottsbluff, Nebraska. The firm was founded in 1985 to serve the architectural needs of our neighbors throughout Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois, Iowa, and Utah.


Over the past thirty years, JRH has been involved in the design and construction of hundreds of projects in central United States. Our projects have been varied but have concentrated primarily with state, municipal and federal agencies, community buildings, banking institutions, schools, churches, senior centers clinics and hospitals, public housing, and commercial buildings. Our personal approach to each and every design is extremely important to us and to our clients.


Our work philosophy is quite simple – provide client-focused design and construction solutions. Our team works to understand the client’s individual needs, then create solutions that meet those needs. We find that this approach ensures that each project is a success.


We strive to:

– Understand the needs, goals and objectives of the project
– Develop solutions with both fiscal and operational constraints in mind.
– Collaborate with the client and community to develop and refine project designs and alternatives.
– Coordinate with funding agencies and regulatory agencies to understand needs,
policies and protocols.
– Integrate the feedback to create the ideal solution for our client


Throughout the process, we will attend pertinent meetings, any requested public forums, gatherings, planning meetings, etc. to listen and provide input until consensus is achieved with the designs.


Our firm’s philosophy is based firmly in the belief that the design work for the client must….

– be both functional and cost effective.
– be technically sound.
– be responsive to your needs.


We place a special emphasis on a process of design that closely and continuously involves the client in the decision making process. We feel that a good building is possible only through good communication.