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Ponca Public Schools

Additions / Alterations to Ponca Public Schools
Ponca, Nebraska

Additions and Alterations to Ponca Public Schools in Ponca, Nebraska. The new 71,725 square foot additions and alterations includes additional much needed classroom space, new library, media center, computer labs, teacher work areas, offices, conference, kitchen prep and serving area, large gathering space for commons and cafeteria, locker room, and gymnasium.

Bid Cost: $ 10,000,000

SF: 71,725
Joseph R. Hewgley/Ryan Stearns Mike Hinde

Bridgeport Public Schools

Additions / Alterations School
Bridgeport, Nebraska

With the recent passage of the bond for Bridgeport Public Schools, the proposed additions and remodel will include a new kindergarten, preschool, and additional 1st thru 6th grade classrooms.  Also included will be a new theatre, new gymnasium, locker rooms, concessions, new entry and commons, wrestling deck, storage, and remodeled office and work areas.

Estimate Cost: $ 9,500,000
SF: 67,407

Design-Construction Management
Joseph R. Hewgley / Ryan Stearns

Gering Lincoln Elementary School

Gering, Nebraska
LEED GOLD Certified

Because of it’s design, the Lincoln Elementary School uses about half the energy that its sister elementary school currently uses. This LEED Gold certified school was contains 49,804 square foot of sustainable construction and use of recycled materials, indoor air quality management and efficient water, energy and natural lighting. The total finished construction cost was $7,075,129.00 which is only $142.00 per square foot.

Cost: $7,075,129.00 ($142/SF)
SF: 49,804

Joseph R. Hewgley / Ryan Stearns