Our Process

At Joseph R. Hewgley & Associates our goal is to successfully realize our client’s ambitions within the scope of their needs and budget. We do the ground work to ensure that every project fulfills your needs through the implementation of  thoughtful, practical design.  To that end, we work diligently to exceed client expectations in all services provided, from initial concepts through finished construction. We believe educational facilities should be an example of a community’s unique personality as well as a catalyst for improving the quality of life for the entire community.  At the same time, educational facilities need to meet the needs of current students as well as anticipate the future needs of the next generation of students.

We will work closely with your board, the superintendent, building committee, staff and the community as a whole to create options that fit your priorities, needs, and preferences. We realize that community buy-in is crucial to the process and strive to create the kind of facilities that everyone can be proud of.

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